Kristen Egermeier​ AEA SAG/AFTRA


 Current Projects:

Li'l Chit Chat- Feature Film

Full Lookbook upon request

Co-written with Colin Thomas Jennings


     Logline: An awkward man and a pragmatic woman embrace their hidden whimsy through the voices of their dogs to find a love they've yet to experience.

     Synopsis:  A romantic comedy set in a realistic world with a hint of whimsy. The story is guided by way of a fantastical voice following our two heroes. Fletch, an introvert who works at a craft brewery, goes through his day hidden from the world.  He only shows his true self by way of his dog. Olivia is a fiercely loyal, sarcastic, and stoic business woman who also navigates her day by way of her dog. There’s never a dull moment with their eclectic family and friends, but something’s still holding them back. Through the hilarity of their pups, they discover a perfect match.

     Based on the short film, Li'l Chit Chat.

The Adventures of Li'l Dude the One-Eyed Wonder and Finn the Great- Children's Adventure Podcast


Co-written with Colin Thomas Jennings

  Logline:  Li’l Dude the One-Eyed Wonder believes the world is full of adventure and will never let her disability hold her back. With the help of her goofy and loyal sidekick, Finn the Great, these two pups are magically transported to places, and maybe even a few new friends, where they make their dreams come true.
A six episode, 10 minute children’s adventure podcast.

  Synopsis:  The magical tales of two best K-9 friends who come together to fulfill their greatest dreams and adventures. Li’l Dude is an adorable brown chihuahua with a silly voice and only one eye. But, what she lacks in sight, she makes up with her other senses: smell, touch, taste, and hearing. The moment Li’l Dude lost her eye, she made a promise to herself. She would never make an excuse. She would push harder and never stop chasing her dreams. Her trusty pal Finn is with Li’ Dude every step of the way. She is a goofy labrador with a love of food and a heart of gold. Each adventure is filled with lifelong lessons from the places they go, and the characters they meet along the way. From captaining a submarine and meeting mermaids, to traveling back to ancient Egypt to learn about mummies from Cleopatra, these best buds, never share a dull moment.

In Development:

The Daughters - Two Act Play

     Synopsis:  When their last parent dies, how do all the daughters come together to heal, grow, and maintain their family dynamic- or should they?  Dealing with death is hard enough, but dealing with your sisters? That's love and torture, and completely worth it.  

Please contact my literary agent, Lynda Arnold at Kreativ Artists, for more information and follow along for updates on Instagram @lilchitchatmovie