Kristen Egermeier​ AEA SAG/AFTRA


 Current Projects:

Li'l Chit Chat- Feature Film 

Co-written with Colin Thomas Jennings

Lookbook upon request


​SWN Screenplay Competition-Quarter Finalist
International Independent Film Awards-Gold Award
Stage 32 Feature Comedy Writing Contest-Quarter Finalist

     Logline:  A brewmaster and gallery owner fall in love after they discover they both carry out comedic conversations with their dogs.  Conversation within this quirky family amplifies until one of the voices goes tragically silent.

     Short Pitch:  A romantic comedy set in a realistic world with a hint of whimsy. The story is guided by way of a fantastical voice following our two heroes. Fletch, an introvert who works at a craft brewery, goes through his day hidden from the world.  He only shows his true self by way of his dog. Olivia is a fiercely loyal, sarcastic, and stoic business woman who also navigates her day by way of her dog. There’s never a dull moment with their eclectic family and friends, but something’s still holding them back. Through the hilarity of their pups, they discover a perfect match.

     Synopsis:  A timid FLETCH, pairs well with his sassy, one-eyed chihuahua, LI’L DUDE. Like many dog parents, he does a “voice” for her as his self-deprecating comedic subconscious. We see Fletch awkwardly fail over and over again in his love life, Li’l Dude ready with a punchline. In time, Fletch has a meet-cute with perfect match, the dry humoured OLIVIA, and her witty pup, FINN. Fletch finds the two “talking,” just as he does with Li’l Dude. An embarrassed Olivia moves to exit. This is Fletch’s moment! Nevermind. Instead he’s off to work as the co-owner of a brewery with his best friends/business partners, ERIC and STEVIE. Olivia and her chill business partner, JO, drink at that brewery after work. Fletch, behind the bar, is startled to find Olivia ordering a beer from him. He gathers his confidence to ask her out, and she says no- her usual response.
On Sunday’s, Fletch has dinner at his sister DAWN’S house, where his imaginative niece, Abbie, entertains him. Olivia, in turn, plays dominoes with her smart aleck Grandpa MARVIN. They are witty and ready to tease, but Marvin learns that Olivia is happily single and enjoys her life alone, with Finn. After another night at the tap room, Olivia hears voices having a conversation about street food- a mirrored scene from the previous meet-cute with Fletch. She breaks the ice by choosing to talk in Finn’s “voice.” Though not looking for a match, she stumbled upon him anyway. The night fades with perfect conversation between these oddly connected humans and their comedic mutts.
Olivia and Fletch are at Sunday dinner where they give Abbie a small stuffed animal replica of Li’l Dude. This night affirms their feelings as they say “I love you.” Another fun night, the two tipsy lovebirds grab some spicy tacos, and drunkenly decide to move in together. The combination of alcohol and big decisions leads to fun in the car, where they learn that jalapenos and sex don’t mix. Over time, the brewery lands a huge business opportunity that keeps Fletch away from home, causing tension between them. During one long day, Fletch misses an emergency call from Olivia. He rushes to the Emergency Animal Hospital where he finds Olivia alone, eyes filled with tears, holding Li’l Dude’s collar. The hilarious, adorable, Li’l Dude, has died. This ultimately breaks Fletch and causes an emotional canyon between them, ending their relationship. Gradually, Olivia and Finn find their strength to move on, and after many terrible dates, she decides to adopt another pup. Grandpa Marvin encourages her to voice her true feelings. Fletch becomes more anti-social and unwelcoming, until he hears the tiny voice of Abbie “talking” with her stuffed toy Li’l Dude, which begins his healing process.
The brewery succeeds, and Fletch and the team celebrate at a pub. As Fletch waits for a drink, an adorable mutt nuzzles against him. They’re immediately best friends having a “conversation,” just as he did with Li’l Dude. Fletch finds Olivia and Finn staring down at them with a smile on her face. She holds the escape artist’s leash knowing that her new pup has just brought her back to the love of her life. The future is now theirs, together.

     Based on the short film, Li'l Chit Chat.

The Adventures of Li'l Dude the One-Eyed Wonder and Finn the Great- A Children’s Adventure Podcast/ Animated Series/ Animated Feature

Co-written with Colin Thomas Jennings

Lookbooks upon request 

  Logline:  When an adorable brown chihuahua loses her right eye, she decides to face her disability and never let it hold her back. With the help of her goofy and loyal sidekick, these two pups are magically transported on an underwater adventure where they make their dreams come true while helping others along the way.

  Synopsis:  Li’l Dude is an adorable brown chihuahua with a silly voice and only one eye. But, what she lacks in sight, she makes up with her other senses: smell, touch, taste, and hearing. The moment Li’l Dude lost her eye, she made a promise to herself. She would never make an excuse. She would push harder and never stop chasing her dreams. With her trusty pal Finn, a goofy labrador with a love of food and a heart of gold, they go on a sea adventure to fulfill Li’l Dude’s greatest dream.  Their sea adventure is filled with lifelong lessons: from the places they go, to the characters they meet along the way. From captaining a submarine, learning about a new culture at Mer-Castle, eating new foods, helping whales and turtles, to scoring the winning goal that helps save the coral reef, these best buds never share a dull moment.

In Development:

The Daughters - Two Act Play

     Synopsis:  When their last parent dies, how do all the daughters come together to heal, grow, and maintain their family dynamic- or should they?  Dealing with death is hard enough, but dealing with your sisters? That's love and torture, and completely worth it.